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Contact Holly : 07774 148285 | Holly@westsussexhypnotherapy.co.uk


My Philosophy

Look at who you are and ask yourself if you need a hand in being happier in your own skin, or if you just need some help dealing with an underlying issue, or some kind of psychological distress…
- Taking the first step is always the hardest part.
– Asking for help takes braveness.
So… “let me, help you, help yourself”.


Reducing Stress

Here are some keys to reducing stress in our every day life that can be practiced on a daily basis… and they REALLY do help. Take time out for yourself even if it’s only 10 minutes, once or twice during the day.  Close your eyes, breath slowly and deeply into your lungs, allowing the breathe to move into your diaphragm.   This helps you to clear your mind.  Then as you breath slowly let the thoughts and worries fall away, all the while concentrating on your breathing.  If you struggle with this, then count slowly as you breath in and again as

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I am a regular client of Holly Simmonds and from the outset of our professional relationship I felt instantly at ease with her, she has a very warm & friendly demeanour.

This really enabled the necessary trust relationship needed with a therapist to be established very easily. I received a professional & thorough consultation with Holly and was very easily put into a hypnotic state, the results of her services have been truly amazing, life changing and transformational for me and I highly recommend her services. Thank you so much!*****

L.Wilkinson. Haywards Heath.